nówfrago has been busy all the time but now it`s done:
The recording and mixing process of our upcoming album `Now In Common` is over.
Until the album sees the light of our world as well, there is still a lot of work needed and unfortunately, we need help with financing!
So we started a crowdfunding-campaing on 100days.
Here you`ll find the link:

nówfrago Crowdfunding

Thanks for your wonderful and generous support!!!

And if you are eager to get to know if we made it, check back on this page from time to time.


Here comes what`s planned for the next months:

  • New single release (in winter 2018/2019)
  • Production of a brandnew video for our next single release.
  • Album release in March 2019.
  • Release – concerts in Switzerland and Germany in spring 2019 – including more “welcome” – concerts in homes for people seeking asylum in.

Beside, our debut album `In Love With The Blackbird` can be found, listened (and bought) on Bandcamp.

Btw: This site as well as the music and the production are selfmade-products and could appear in a more shiny-glancy and pretty way, but we are convinced that this is more honest and feels more natural and suitable for us.

Thanks a lot in your interest in what we do – we work hard to make songs happen.