Heisann and welcome! Very cool that you made it to nówfrago!

“Everybody is working on new content becoming less content”

nówfrago is doing the first without losing the latter – hopefully, so there are some news from us:

  • nówfrago goes underground for recording their new songs!
  • concerts in 2018 – more to come soon including more “welcome” – concerts in homes for people seeking asylum in Switzerland.
  • new release – release dates to be communicated soon
  • new videos

Beside, our debut album “IN LOVE WITH THE BLACKBIRD”  can be found, listened (and bought) on Bandcamp.

Thanks a lot for your interest in what we do, hope to see you soon on one of our concerts!

Btw: This site as well as the music and the production are selfmade-products and could appear in a more shiny-glancy and pretty way, but we are convinced that this is more honest and feels more natural and suitable for us.