nówfrago – Days In Everywhere (Single; Release May 10th 2019)

An alienated piano, a distant trombone – nówfragos latest track “Days In Everywhere” emerges with a subdued intro. Everything is still possible. And yet the beat and vocals urge on and the singer asks: What do you want to do with your life? What choices do you have and what do you do with them? Do you decide or do you let life decide for you?

With “Days In Everywhere” nówfrago skillfully creates a catchy piece of cumbersome pop. The opening number of their album Now In Common, to be released in autumn 2019, sings of and questions the seemingly endless possibilities of our lives. With a driving beat, a soothing sonic aesthetic and an opulent orchestration, the song heads unflinchingly to a bombastic climax.


nówfrago is the project of Swiss musician Matthias Gunsch. Live on stage, nówfrago perform as a five-musician – band.
Since their start in 2016, they have played more than 30 concerts in Switzerland and Germany, among them some concerts in homes for asylum seekers.


  • Grandiosa EP (2015)
  • In Love With The Blackbird (2016)
  • Then The Pawn (Single, 2018)
  • Our Life As Sunset (Single 2019)
  • Days In everywhere (Single, 2019)