nówfrago – Our Life As Sunset (Single; Release February 8th 2019)

Sunsets move us because they inherently stand for goodbyes. This stunningly-light gravity characterizes the music of nówfrago and his latest sleepwalking song. `Our Life As Sunset’ not only exudes the melancholy of our unavoidable impermanence, but also takes a stand against avoidable destruction: Adieu to a lost love becomes a requiem to consumerism. With his criticism of the present day, nówfrago positions himself as a decidedly political voice of indie music.


nówfrago is the project of Swiss musician Matthias Gunsch. As a band nówfrago perform as a 5-musician – band.
Since their start in 2016, they have played more than 30 concerts in Switzerland and Germany, among them some concerts in homes for asylum seekers.


  • Grandiosa EP (2015)
  • In Love With The Blackbird (2016)
  • Then The Pawn (Single, 2018)
  • Our Life As Sunset (Single 2019)

`Then The Pawn` by nówfrago (Single; Release: March 16th 2018)

With his latest song, nówfrago has once again reached deeply into his wondrous bag of tricks.
`Then the Pawn` is a clever and delusively simple song, as `The Notwist` could not have done it any better. Ingeniously, the song oscillates between sing-along – character and idiosyncratic poetry. The band seems to be peeling the idea for the pop song right out of chamber music. The lyrics are fascinating, as nówfrago mastermind Matthias Gunsch skillfully reconciles clarity with complexity.

`Then The Pawn` is an intriguing piece, which makes us look forward to the upcoming album `Now In Common` even more eagerly.

In its peculiarity, the video of `Then The Pawn` stands out from the mass of flavorless music videos. The camera moves jerkingly and unobserved in slow motion past cheering, amazed people, and, in combination with the song, ignites a `mind-movie` that captivates and fascinates.


 `In Love With The Blackbird by nówfrago (Album, Release: January 29th 2016)

With his debut album, the astonishing `In Love With The Blackbird`, nówfrago opens with a true masterpiece.

nówfragos first album seduces with enchanting songs and melancholic-cheerful earworms. His playful but very concrete soundcarpets are reminiscent of some of the fine Trip-Hop – exponents, of musique concrète and of contemporary songwriters like Patrick Watson or Beck.

`In Love With The Blackbird` (Zoey Records / Godbrain) is a creative DIY album. It has been produced by nówfrago and recorded at various locations. For the composing process he has lived in the deserted north of Norway and has been collecting sound samples from his favourite spots. Drums, percussion, melodica, keyboards and more have been played by him in his studio. The production costs have been covered by his own financing and contribution from crowdfunders. The cover has been serigraphed by his own hand.

With nówfrago, a truely original and impressive voice comes forward – it is very seldom that a debut album sounds so unique like `In Love With The Blackbird`. This makes it an absolute rarity and a sensation!